Triodos Bank defines Reputational Risk as the risk that its market position deteriorates due to a negative perception among customers, counterparties, shareholders and/or regulatory authorities. Triodos Bank safeguards reputational risk in other risk disciplines as in most cases it is a consequence of other risk events happening. It also works with a transparent and stable business model with solid ratios, mitigating this risk.

Reputation has a special dimension for Triodos Bank which relates to its mission and values and are essential to achieving its objectives. In this sense, the exposure of Triodos Bank to reputational risk depends on the ability of management and co-workers to act consciously in accordance with the mission and values. For this reason, Triodos Bank has a very proactive human resources approach aimed to ensure the connection of all co-workers with the mission and values. In addition, Triodos Bank actively manages its engagement with the public and its clients, for example, via an online social media policy and management of complaints.