Supervisory Board meetings

The Supervisory Board met six times in 2010. With the exception of two meetings all board members attended these meetings. In April Mr Eguiguren and Mr Lamers, and in the November meeting Mr Lamers and Mr Voortman, were absent.

All meetings were held jointly with the Executive Board. Throughout the year, the Chair of the Supervisory Board was in close contact with the Chief Executive Officer, and the Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee was in close contact with the Chief Financial Officer. Most Supervisory Board meetings were preceded by a presentation by a senior manager from the bank about their area of responsibility, followed by a discussion. This allowed the Board to gain a deeper insight in to the different activities of Triodos Bank and to get to know its senior management better.

A meeting was also held with the Board of SAAT, the Executive Board and the business unit’s Managing Directors, at which all Supervisory Board members were present, to discuss Triodos Bank’s future positioning in the food and agriculture market. Various members of the Supervisory Board also attended local client and/or Depository Receipt Holders meetings in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Spain. Supervisory Board members who live in the countries in which Triodos Bank operates, also maintained informal contacts with local Managing Directors and senior co-workers. The external auditor was present at the meeting at which the annual report was discussed and agreed. The Vice-Chair also participated in a meeting with the Banking Code monitoring committee.

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