A year in highlights

Triodos Bank celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2010. It enjoyed another busy year developing the teams and people responsible for delivering its impact. A selection of the years highlights follow:

  • The Dutch branch moved to new open plan premises. The new office includes flexible workplaces, allowing for better cooperation.
  • In Belgium continuing growth required recruitment attention, and efforts were made to improve the induction and integration of new co-workers. A conference for all co-workers was organised and work groups are still working on initiatives that resulted from that.
  • In the UK the Triodos Investment Management structure was adapted to align better with wider international arrangements.
  • In Spain one new commercial office was opened in Zaragoza, and a back office in Barcelona, in 2010 and recruitment and training of the team for the next regional offices (Coruna, Bilbao and the Canary islands) started. In addition, another three new offices are due to be opened in 2011.
  • The German branch completed its first full year of operation and worked hard to establish itself in its market.
  • Triodos Investment Management implemented a revised international structure and recruited co-workers in all branches.

In the Netherlands a framework for job classification, or job families, was introduced. Job families are generic descriptions of a number of jobs that are similar in terms of their nature and character. This works well in a fast growing international environment, creates more transparency, allows for more flexibility, provides better comparison and a clearer view on career progression. The job families will be rolled-out across the group over the coming two years.

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