Achievement of goals for 2010

Triodos Bank commits to a number of goals in its environmental performance and measures progress against them annually:

A pilot project started in the Investment Management department to investigate double-sided printing letterhead in-house, instead of using pre-printed stationery to further reduce Triodos Bank's paper usage and improve the efficiency of printing materials. Part of the goal of this project is to reduce paper use significantly. When it is concluded successfully it will be rolled out across the Group.

The Dutch branch bought a video conferencing system for use in its new office in 2010, reducing the need for travel and decreasing CO2 emissions. Experience of the new system was poor because of technical problems. Nevertheless Triodos Bank intends to persevere with, and increase the use of, the video conferencing system and internal phone conference facilities to further reduce travel.

The team is continuing to work on increasing the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System, including a new and structured way of communicating Triodos Bank's environmental impact internally as well as externally.

A framework for measuring Triodos Bank's wider social, cultural and environmental impact was established in 2010, and a pilot project to measure and monitor the impact of our loans in one branch initiated. Wider implementation is planned in 2011.

A pilot project to reduce the energy consumption of our ICT operations and data room also began during the year.

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