Stakeholder dialogue

Triodos Bank's success depends on understanding, and reacting to, the world around it. It depends on relationships and active and ongoing conversations with the varied and diverse groups and individuals, who influence its impact. That's why stakeholder dialogue plays an important role in Triodos Bank's activities throughout the year. You can find who Triodos Bank's stakeholders are, what Triodos Bank has done in this area in 2010, and why it's so important, here. Triodos Bank maintains strong relationships with all its stakeholders, including shareholders (holders of depository receipts), co-workers, Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and government. It works closely together with organisations working for the environment, organic farming, renewable energy, arts and culture, education, human rights and development co-operation. And it defines its stakeholders as all the people, groups and organisations with which it has a business or other relationship. The dialogue with all these stakeholders is an important source of inspiration and new ideas.

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