On and offline communication

In its written and online publications, Triodos Bank provides clear information about the sectors it works in. The quarterly Triodos Bank magazine, the annual report, the interim report and the websites inform stakeholders about specific projects and companies Triodos Bank finances.

Triodos Bank Spain has more Facebook fans than any other Spanish bank. (impact statistic)

The magazine is a key tool demonstrating Triodos Bank’s commitment to transparency, is valued highly by customers, and was significantly updated and redesigned in 2010 to make more impact for existing and new customers. The existing websites offer visitors three types of information: product information, details about the projects and companies it finances, and general Triodos Bank information, including its mission, history, key figures and organisational structure. The websites are an increasingly important means of communication for Triodos Bank and the number of visitors they attract is increasing every month. As a result the website was relaunched in 2010, after a significant project across all the branches and business units. Improvements include Know Where Your Money Goes, an online tool allowing visitors to see where Triodos Bank's finance is being put to work.

Internal communications

Internal communication at Triodos Bank mainly takes place during weekly co-worker meetings, which are organised at all its branches. Co-workers are encouraged to contribute to the policy-making process and to feel involved in all Triodos Bank’s activities.

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