In 2010, confidence in the financial sector continued to suffer in the face of the financial crisis and a deep-seated economic downturn. While Triodos Bank was not directly affected by the credit crunch and has continued to maintain positive and sustained growth, it is indirectly impacted as are many of its customers in the real economy. Triodos Bank continued to share its view of the crisis with all its stakeholders, as part of efforts to build a more positive future. 'A New Way of Banking', a Dutch book by Triodos Bank CEO, Peter Blom, was released during the year highlighting what's gone wrong, the lessons to be learned, and to provide inspiration for a better future. Triodos Bank intends to produce an international, English-language, version of the book in 2011. Peter Blom was also invited to become a member of the Club of Rome during the year, reflecting the organisation's growing reputation on an international stage.

In 2011, Triodos Bank expects to build on the access it now has to influential international platforms and fora to actively contribute to the debate on the future social, environmental and cultural role to be played by banks. This will mean backing words with action, and sharing Triodos Bank’s knowledge of, and experience with, sustainable banking.

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