Since its foundation, transparency has been one of Triodos Bank’s major objectives. It believes it is essential that depositors and investors know what happens to their investments and capital. Meetings take place throughout the year with Triodos Bank’s customers and depository receipt holders as part of this commitment to transparency. These meetings offer room for discussions about Triodos Bank’s strategy and policy.

In 2010 we continued to host customer days in different locations, providing customers with direct access to co-workers from across the organisation. We also arranged events for depository receipt holders in particular, in Belgium, the UK and Spain. Triodos Bank co-workers regularly attend a variety of events to meet and talk to Triodos Bank stakeholders. We participated in over 130 in Spain during the year, while in Germany we co-hosted or attended over 30 events. One example is the Right Livelihood Award, which this year was co-hosted by Triodos Bank in Germany. Several of the award's laureates discussed technological, economic, political and social challenges for "the great transformation".

In addition many of Triodos Bank's branches use social media to connect with thousands of like-minded people and groups; and with increasing success. Triodos Bank Spain has more Facebook fans than any other Spanish bank.

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