Management report

Sustainable change

The world is changing. The institutions we relied on to solve our biggest problems in the past no longer have the conviction, or the means, to deal with the challenges we face in the future.

The global context

Conventional thinking supposes that as climate change is a worldwide ...
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Triodos Bank is committed to sustainable development, with a focus on people’s ...
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Triodos Bank Divisions

Triodos Bank’s activity is split between three core divisions.
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Products and services

Triodos Bank’s products and services offer investors and savers the opportunity to ...
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Financial results

In 2010, Triodos Bank’s income grew by 16% to EUR 103 million.
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Risk and compliance

Managing risk is a fundamental part of banking.
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The Dutch Banking Code

The Dutch Banking Code (Banking Code) came into force as of January 1, 2010.
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Excluding unforeseen circumstances, Triodos Bank expects to achieve a ...
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