Triodos Bank (Group)

The total amount of assets under management including Triodos Bank and the investment funds grew by EUR 0.7 billion, or 15%, to EUR 5.6 billion.

The net profit for 2010 is EUR 11.5 million, 20% above 2009.

Triodos Bank increased its share capital by EUR 34 million, or 13% thanks to a depository receipt issue, marketed to Triodos Bank retail customers and investors only.

Triodos Bank finances enterprises that augment the use of renewable resources in particular, and supports projects that reduce the demand for energy and encourage cleaner use of fossil fuels. By the end of 2010, Triodos Group and its climate and energy investment funds were financing over 306 projects across Europe (275 in 2009), with a generating capacity of 1,624 MW of energy (950 in 2009).

The number of co-workers increased by 10% to 636 in 2010 (577 in 2009). A framework for job classification, or job families, was introduced in the Netherlands and will be rolled out across the group in the coming two years. In 2010 a visionary leadership programme, and an improved management development programme also started, to better equip Triodos Bank’s leaders for the future.

A framework for measuring Triodos Bank’s wider social, cultural and environmental impact through its financing activities, was also established in 2010, and a pilot project to measure and monitor the impact of our loans in the UK branch initiated.

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