Triodos Investment Management

In addition to impact savings and payments, impact investment is an important activity at Triodos Bank. Investments take place through investment funds or investment institutions bearing the Triodos name and are managed by Triodos Investment Management BV, a 100% subsidiary of Triodos Bank.

Triodos Investment Management is responsible for 20 funds totalling EUR 1.8 billion assets under management. (impact statistic)

These funds and investments are not on Triodos Bank’s balance sheet. The funds publish separate annual reports and each has its own Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. There were 20 investment funds in 2010, in which individuals and institutions could invest depending on the fund. The funds invest in different themes such as microfinance, sustainable trade, organic agriculture, climate and energy, sustainable real estate, arts and culture, or in listed companies with above average environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

In organic farming and sustainable food, Triodos Investment Management enhanced the quality of the production and consumption of food products by financing 167 farms, suppliers and distributors. In arts and culture, it financed EUR 140 million in 25 projects. In real estate, it increased the quality and sustainability of the built environment by sustainably upgrading 15 buildings. 85 microfinance institutions were able to offer a variety of financial services to low-income people in developing countries because EUR 249 million was invested in them by the Emerging Markets funds.

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