Achievement of goals for 2010

Triodos Bank launched a new website across all its branches in 2010 making its activity even more visibly transparent than before. And as well as delivering enhanced internet banking for its customers, the branches redesigned Triodos Bank’s popular magazine, and ran a successful capital raising campaign – focused for the first time only on Triodos Bank customers.

The German branch operated for its first full year, and aims to establish itself as a genuine alternative to the high-street banks. It expanded the responsible banking market in a country with a strong tradition in sustainability. In Spain, as well as implementing a new IT platform to help position Triodos as a ‘first bank’, a new commercial office opened in Zaragoza and a back office in Barcelona, with plans for six more regional offices in 2011. In the UK growth was combined with carefully managed costs. In Belgium the office successfully increased its lending to sustainable businesses. While in the Netherlands 2,000 customers joined the bank every month, and the office moved to a new building to accommodate its development.

Increasing Influence

Influence is important for a bank that’s focused on large-scale positive change. To make its impact felt Triodos Bank engages in a number of activities, in different ways, across its European network.

In Spain – with the support of regional offices – and Germany in particular, Triodos Bank has actively engaged in social media, using the internet to successfully build the brand. There are now more Spanish Facebook fans of Triodos Bank than any other bank in the country. The UK branch also picked up the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the sustainable development category, for the second time. And in the Netherlands Triodos Bank co-founded De Groene Zaak (“The Green Cause”) in 2010, a lobby organisation for sustainable companies, which has attracted 80 companies during the year.

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