All Triodos Bank’s branches expect to continue to develop and grow in 2011.

In the Netherlands customer numbers are expected to exceed 200,000, loans to increase by over EUR 100 million, and savings by EUR 200 million. Despite disruptive Government policy changes, Triodos Bank will continue to finance cultural and environmental projects.

The Belgian branch will analyse, in depth, the possible launch of a current account for retail customers and will substantially increase its number of clients as well as its sustainable loans.

The UK branch will refocus and broaden its savings offering. It plans to deliver growth of GBP 48 million, or 13%. Lending is forecast to continue to grow by 22%, or net GBP 73 million, as the branch continues to carefully manage its costs.

The Spanish branch will work to complete its ‘first bank’ product and service offering, and increase its number of commercial offices. It aims to balance its entrusted funds and loans and maintain its profitability. It expects the loan portfolio to increase by EUR 115 million, funds entrusted to grow by EUR 172 million (51%), and customer numbers to increase by 50%.

The German branch will introduce investment funds in 2011, and accelerate the expansion of its customer base as well as the growth of the loan portfolio.

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