Corporate finance and private equity

Triodos Investment Management can finance commercial companies driven by a sustainability mission, by providing the right quality of finance. Triodos Investment Management understands the objectives of social entrepreneurs creating positive social and environmental impact through commercial activity, and can offer them long term solutions. It does this either through its own funds, by offering direct investment and active participation via a more patient form of venture capital, or by acting as lead advisor via a corporate finance mandate to raise an appropriate blend of capital.

Triodos Ventures (Europe)

Triodos Ventures, a subsidiary of the independent entity Stichting Triodos Holding, has made a series of investments in affiliated banks in Europe in recent decades. It also invests in sustainable initiatives making breakthroughs in specific sustainable areas.

The fund holds investments in a small number of well established sustainable enterprises. It also funded the real estate project development activities of Triodos Bank during the year. By December these activities were merged into JOIN, a joint venture with real-estate developer OVG and Triodos Bank. This is an innovative joint venture focussing on the development of community-focused sustainable real estate. Triodos Ventures’ portfolio at the end of 2010 includes more than 30 projects.

In 2010, Triodos Ventures took over an investment in Charity Business Ltd, a company providing specialist financial services to the non-profit sector in the UK. This investment was previously held in the Triodos Social Enterprise Fund.

Triodos Venture Capital Fund (Europe)

Triodos Venture Capital Fund was launched in 2001, with professional and institutional shareholders, for a planned period of ten years. The fund was closed in 2010 following the transfer of the last remaining project in the fund’s portfolio to Triodos Ventures.

Corporate Finance

Over the course of 2010, the UK-based Corporate Finance team worked on a range of projects, most of which related to the provision of advisory services and/or equity capital raising. The team’s activities included a number of private placements for clients in the UK and internationally, working with private investors, private banks, family offices, foundations and pension funds.

In 2010 the same team worked with the Ethical Property Company to raise GBP 3.5 million and are advising on the funding for the business’ European development plans. The team also worked with Cafédirect and an overseas fair trade beverage business.

Corporate Finance Prospects for 2011

Triodos Investment Management is planning to restructure its venture capital / private equity business along thematic sector business lines. The key product development for 2011 is expected to be the preparation of a long-term equity fund to support established organic food businesses.

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