Related parties

Triodos Bank has links with the following legal entities:

  • Triodos Bank provides services to Sustainalytics, Triodos Facet and Triodos Fair Share Fund at competitive rates. The services relate to the secondment of co-workers, management services, administration, accommodation, ICT and advertising.
  • Triodos Bank holds funds of and provides banking services to related parties at competitive rates.
  • Triodos Bank provides credit facilities and bank guarantees to investment funds and international funds at competitive rates.
  • Triodos Bank lets office accommodation to Triodos Facet at a competitive lease.
  • Triodos Bank has acted as a guarantor for Triodos Groenfonds at a competitive guarantee commission.
  • Triodos Bank and Triodos Investment Management carry out management activities for investment funds and receive a competitive management fee for these activities.
  • Triodos Custody performs custodial services for Triodos Fair Share Fund at a competitive fee.
  • Triodos Bank distributes and registers securities, issued by investment funds and placed with customers of Triodos Bank, at competitive rates.
  • Triodos Bank performs currency transactions for investment funds and international funds at competitive rates.
  • Triodos Investment Management provides supervisory director activities for Sustainalytics BV and receive a competitive fee.
  • Triodos Bank receives compensation from Triodos Groenfonds for lower interest rates on loans that were acquired from Triodos Groenfonds.
  • Triodos Investment Management and Triodos Mees Pierson obtains information for research into sustainability from Sustainalytics at competitive rates.
  • Triodos Mees Pierson passes on a share of the received administration fee to Sustainalytics as remuneration for their share in the performed administration activities.
  • Triodos Mees Pierson manages an investment portfolio of Triodos Groenfonds at a competitive management fee.


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