Legal and compliance risk

Triodos Bank has internal policies, rules and procedures to guarantee that management complies with relevant laws and regulations regarding customers and business partners. In addition, the Compliance department independently monitors the extent to which Triodos Bank complies with its rules and procedures. External aspects of the Compliance department primarily concern accepting new customers, monitoring financial transactions and preventing money laundering. Internal aspects primarily concern checking private transactions by co-workers, preventing and, where necessary, transparently managing conflicts of interest, and safeguarding confidential information. Triodos Bank has a European compliance team led from the head office in Zeist. Compliance officers are present in every branch. The Compliance department reports to the Executive Board.

There were no significant incidents in 2011 concerning compliance and integrity. Triodos Bank was not involved in any material legal proceedings or sanctions associated with non-compliance with legislation or regulations in terms of financial supervision, corruption, advertisements, competition, privacy or product liability.

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