Composition of the Supervisory Board

Triodos Bank’s articles of association determine that the Supervisory Board consists of three or more members. At present, it has eight. The composition of the Supervisory Board did not change during 2011.

Mr Van den Hoogenband was re-appointed for a second term at the AGM. The Supervisory Board adopted a new internal procedure for reviewing nominations and re-appointments during the year.

Mr Eguiguren Huerta is at the end of his first term of employment and is eligible for re-appointment. The Supervisory Board supports the re-appointment of Mr Eguiguren Huerta for a second term of four years.

A competency matrix has been created to highlight areas in which board members have substantial expertise. This helps to assess whether the Supervisory Board has the skills needed to perform its duties. The matrix is based on requirements outlined in the board profile, which was improved further as a result of these discussions.