Organisational values

Co-workers’ connection with Triodos Bank’s mission, and the way its values are apparent in their daily work, is vitally important. This manifests itself in weekly, monday morning meetings and the induction process for new co-workers.

The connection to the mission also plays a very important role in the development of Human Resources (hr) policy.

To help support Triodos Bank’s organisational growth and to stimulate the engagement and involvement of co-workers Triodos Bank arranges two meetings each year: an annual extended International Management Council meeting, which, in 2011, focused on the three year strategy plan for 2012-2014, and an annual Co-worker Conference for 110 co-workers which was hosted by the Spanish branch. During 2011 the Co-worker Conference focused on the connection between professional banking, the shared mission, and authentic relationships. Young co-workers in particular were invited to contribute their vision and energy to this event.