Prospects for 2012

Contrary to the general situation in the financial market Triodos Bank expects growth in new co-workers to continue at about the same level in 2012.

Triodos Bank aims to keep its attrition rate at 10% and the illness rate at current levels.

In order to have recruit and retain quality co-workers in the coming years Triodos Bank will develop a strategy to stimulate progression in the organisation.

As a result it will stimulate and enable job changes within Triodos Bank and create a more systematic approach to career development.

It will also look for opportunities to work with banks within the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, a network of pioneering sustainable banks. In October 2011 several HR directors from the participating banks met. They shared experiences on human resource management in value based banking and agreed to investigate ways to work together more closely.

In 2012 Triodos will continue to expand its Academy to provide a programme for all levels of co-workers. This will include the next Visionary Leadership program, a training programme for commercial professionals and the development of an advanced Values Seminar. It will cooperate closely with the Institute of Social Banking, and organise its summer school in The Netherlands in July 2012.

Job families will be rolled-out in all branches over the next year with transparency on job requirements and remuneration in all countries - except The Netherlands, where this is already in place.

Triodos Bank will also work on a smooth process for temporary exchange of co-workers between the different countries.

In the head office the organisation will recruit increasing numbers of international co-workers to reflect its European position.

Triodos Bank’s working language will gradually shift from Dutch to English, in both official and informal communications, so that Triodos can offer a warm welcome to co-workers from all nationalities.

As a consequence of the financial crisis and widespread disquiet in society about the financial sector, the regulatory bodies, especially in The Netherlands, are enforcing more laws and controls. Triodos Bank will strive to comply positively with them. It will do so appropriately given its moderate remuneration policy, which excludes bonuses. Triodos Bank will continue to emphasise personal responsibility and use principle-based judgements rather than depend on checklists and controls.