Climate neutral operations

Triodos Bank offsets 100% of its CO2 emissions. (impact statistic)

After it has reduced its environmental footprint as much as it can, Triodos Bank offsets 100% of its remaining CO2 emissions.

Its environmental policy is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in three distinct steps. Firstly, it aims to take as many energy-saving measures as possible. Secondly, any essential energy consumption is sourced from renewable suppliers, where possible. Finally, any remaining CO2 emissions are compensated by buying CO2 credits from the Climate Neutral Group.

2011 CO2 emissions were compensated by emission reduction projects certified by The Gold Standard. As far as possible, Triodos Bank avoids the use of volatile organic materials and other materials that could damage the ozone layer.

The UK Branch has committed to the WECC (West of England Carbon Challenge) along with almost 100 other businesses to reduce its carbon emissions by at least 10% by 2014.