Outsourcing or procurement

External suppliers are assessed according to social and environmental criteria, including Triodos Bank’s own sustainability criteria and best environmental practice.

All Triodos Bank’s suppliers, from caterers to building maintenance services, are asked to provide information on their sustainability policy and practice. They are asked to provide details of labour conditions for their employees, necessary permits, and whether they use environmentally friendly resources and production processes.

In particular, Triodos Bank aims to make maximum use of the services of companies that work with disabled people.

If possible, Triodos Bank employs suppliers that are located close its offices. If appropriate, it asks for a tailor-made approach to sustainability, including using sustainable raw materials and sourcing products, in turn, from local suppliers.

In Germany Triodos Bank participates in an initiative with more than 20 companies to discuss, share best practice and promote, sustainable procurement.

The energy-efficiency of office equipment and environmental impact of other products is used to inform decisions before buying them. Through its procurement, Triodos Bank encourages its suppliers to address social and environmental issues in a more conscious and sustainable way.

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