Policy and compliance

Triodos Bank’s Statement of Environmental Policy

Environmental considerations are an integral part of all Triodos Bank’s activities, and, wherever possible, Triodos Bank actively supports sustainable development. Final responsibility for the environmental policy rests with the Executive Board. Its implementation is the responsibility of every co-worker.

The key elements of Triodos Bank’s environmental policy are:

  1. in respect of its (bank) financing policy, to focus on activities that aim to deliver sustainable development.
  2. to reduce and/or eliminate the environmental impact of its own activities by adopting environmental considerations as an integral part of its operations
  3. to comply with all relevant statutory provisions and with all associated rules and agreements
  4. to fully inform and train co-workers when necessary, to ensure that Triodos Bank’s environmental policy can be implemented effectively
  5. to endeavour to have an open dialogue with all Triodos Bank’s stakeholders, and to report the environmental policy results in the Annual Report, together with targets for future years
  6. to strive for continuous improvement and development of the Environmental Management System
  7. regular assessment of the implementation of the environmental policy.


There were no environmental incidents or violations of environmental legislation or regulations to report in 2011.