Our stakeholders

Triodos Bank identifies three discrete groups of stakeholders:

  • Customers, depository receipt holders, co-workers and suppliers
  • NGOs and government
  • Advisors and inspirers.

Customers, depository receipt holders, co-workers and suppliers

Dialogue with this group of stakeholders mainly involves weighing up economic interests. Each stakeholder - whether saver, investor, borrower, supplier or co-worker - has something to gain or lose in their relationship with Triodos Bank. The balance between long and short-term interests, and self and public interest, forms the basis for dialogue.

Triodos Bank surveys its depository receipt holders annually to find out more about their views about the institution itself and its role in the wider world.

NGOs and government

Discussions focus predominantly on the social, environmental and cultural context in which Triodos Bank operates.

These stakeholders do not have a financial interest, but do have a clear interest in Triodos Bank’s development.

Advisors and inspirers

This diverse group of people contribute to the further development of Triodos Bank’s vision and mission. It includes external advisors with innovative ideas who respond to requests or provide advice spontaneously, and individuals who inspire new possibilities and insights.

These people are vitally important, particularly in the development of sustainability strategies.