In 2011, Triodos Bank and the Utrecht Sustainability Institute of Utrecht University co-created the ‘Sustainable Finance Lab’, a think tank of scientists and academics from various disciplines. This new body is developing ideas to contribute to a stable and robust financial sector which, in turn, contributes to an economy at the service of humanity that does not exhaust the living environment.

In the Autumn of 2011 the SFL invited the sector, policy makers and the general public to exchange views and discuss fundamental solutions in a series of five sessions in Utrecht University’s Auditorium. Since then it has proposed and publicized a nine-point plan to contribute to a more sustainable banking system in The Netherlands.

Triodos Bank continued to share its view of the crisis with all its stakeholders, as part of efforts to build a more positive future. Plans to produce an international, English-language, version of ‘A New Way of Banking’, a Dutch book by Triodos Bank CEO, Peter Blom, will be postponed until 2012 and will be a successor to, rather than a copy of the original.

Triodos Bank Supervisory Board member, Marcos Eguiguren, together with Esteban Barroso, Managing Director of Triodos Bank Spain, published an essay Organization 3.0 – Corporate values and policies in a sustainable corporate culture, during the year.

In 2012, Triodos Bank expects to build on its platform as a reference point for sustainable banking at influential international platforms and fora. It will actively contribute to the debate on the future social, environmental and cultural role to be played by banks. This will mean backing words with action, and sharing Triodos Bank’s knowledge of, and experience with, sustainable banking.

Its work will include exploring how the Sustainable Finance Lab can act as inspiration for other like-minded initiatives in other parts of the world.