Triodos Private Banking

Private Banking offers a broad range of financial and non-financial services to wealthier people, foundations, associations and religious institutions. Sustainable asset management is the core service within Triodos Private Banking, and includes both Triodos investment funds and private asset management.

Private Banking increased ist funds under management by 22% to EUR 739 million. (impact statistic)

Private Banking increased its funds under management by 22% to EUR 739 million, against a target of between 20 and 25% (EUR 303 million of these funds are managed by Triodos Private Banking but accounted for on the balance sheet of the Dutch branch).

Despite challenging times for the financial markets in 2011 sustainable investment continued to prove popular with private investors. Private Banking increased its profitability by 49%.

Prospects for Triodos Private Banking

We expect interest in our sustainable investment offering in The Netherlands and Belgium to continue to be high and anticipate growth of between 20 and 25%, in 2012.