Triodos Bank’s balance sheet grew by 23% to EUR 4.3 billion. (impact statistic)

Triodos Bank is committed to sustainable development, with a focus on people’s quality of life. Quality of life includes, and extends beyond, the well-being of individuals, to social relationships and how we treat the environment. It does not contradict entrepreneurship and financial return, but puts them in a broader context. Indeed, this is the added value that Triodos Bank contributes. Wider social and economic developments have led to an increasing interest in quality of life, people and the environment. Triodos Bank is responding to it by broadening and deepening its activities.

In addition to a summary of key figures in the chapter Our Group, the following are the main results achieved in 2011 together with details of Triodos Bank’s Divisions, its products and services, their broader impact, and prospects for the coming years.