Prospects for the future

Excluding unforeseen circumstances, Triodos Bank expects to increase its profits in 2012. At the same time we recognise that the economic downturn that has resulted from the financial crisis will continue, and may get worse, in 2012. If sustainable entrepreneurs and businesses active in the real economy experience financial difficulties, this could flow through to create higher levels of provisions for the bank.

Also during the year, we will continue to actively contribute to a more sustainable society. We will respond to the social, environmental and cultural challenges we face over the short, medium and long-term and extend the idea of a more conscious use of money in society through the banking system.

We expect to grow our financing of renewable energy projects and other innovations that effectively reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Our environmental activity is, however, only one part of our growing impact, and we expect to further expand our activity in social and cultural sectors.

We will continue to influence through public debate and as a practitioner; a change agent financing sustainable enterprises delivering lasting benefits for people and the environment.