Triodos Group structure 2012





























Foundation for the
administration of
Triodos Bank Shares.












































Triodos Bank



















































Retail & Business Banking
Netherlands | Belgium | Germany | Spain | United Kingdom



Investment Management
Europe | Emerging markets



Private Banking
Netherlands | Belgium






















Retail Banking



Impact Investing



Private Banking

Through our European branch network, our goal is to offer our customers a credible set of services including savings, payments, lending and investments.



takes place through investment funds or investment institutions bearing the Triodos name.



offers a broad range of financial and nonfinancial services to wealthier people, foundations, associations and religious institutions.

Sustainable asset management is the core service and includes both Triodos Investment funds and private asset management.













Business Banking



The 18 active funds are grouped in business lines based on the themes they invest in:



We lend money only to organisations working to bring about positive and lasting change. With our lendings, we focus on three key areas:

















Nature & Environment



Energy & Climate



Culture & Welfare





Emerging Markets





Social Business





Real Estate












Arts & Culture












Sustainable food & Agriculture












Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)



















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