Investment in 2011

Triodos Investment Management offers sustainable investment opportunities in a number of countries for customers who want to invest with impact and as sustainably as possible, with different levels of risk.

Triodos Bank has always separated this part of its work from its savings and loans businesses. It advocates a similar separation in the wider banking sector, to avoid the now familiar damage of mixing the two.

In 2011 Triodos Investment Management’s key milestones included the launch of Socially Responsible Investment funds in Germany, as well as the closing of the investment period of the Ampere Fund.

In the UK, a number of successful innovations included a groundbreaking social impact bond for a business working with ex-offenders, and the first dairy in Wales for 75 years - cutting food miles by bringing milk production and processing closer together.

In Belgium, Private Banking activities grew by over 30%, well above target.

But the investment business also felt the effects of Government austerity measures. In the Netherlands, investment in a range of funds declined overall, by EUR 20 million, following Government decisions to remove tax breaks on sustainable funds.