The European branch network will continue to be front and centre of Triodos Bank’s efforts to grow sustainable banking, and its impact. We will continue to promote and extend the idea of the conscious use of money to benefit people and the environment through the banking system.

In 2012 all Triodos Bank’s branches expect to continue to develop further.

In Belgium, the branch has chosen to focus on further expanding both deposits and lending, given their strong growth of 22% and 32% respectively, in 2011. It will, therefore, not develop a current account in the short-term.

The range of services offered to individuals will increase in Germany in 2012. At the same time the branch will intensify its lending activity with particular attention to a balanced mix of renewable energy, organic food and social business.

To help accelerate a transition to a society that values quality of life more highly, Triodos Bank’s Dutch branch will:

  • develop a better proposition for its customer’s children:
  • create a new category of loans for family replacement homes, for disadvantaged children;
  • and address the issue of vacant buildings by (re)financing existing, sustainable buildings

The Spanish branch will continue to grow as it did in 2011, by building on a commitment to relationship banking, further developing close relationships with customers and lending sectors through direct channels. It will open six new offices, improve efficiency, and complete its product offering as the first bank for its customers.

In the UK, Triodos Bank will launch sustainable retail funds, offer an expanded and more competitive savings offering, and continue to finance pioneering entrepreneurs. New offices in Bristol in 2012 and Edinburgh (in 2011), will help increase its regional profile.