A Reference Point for Sustainable Banking

As well as delivering the benefits of sustainable banking itself, Triodos Bank aims to influence broadly and powerfully. It demonstrates that money can be used consciously through the banking system as a positive force for good.

So, in all its offices, we engage in powerful initiatives and partnerships reflecting our role as a reference point for the growing sustainable banking industry.

In Germany, for example, Triodos Bank supported the development of a new German sustainability code, which aims to make German companies more transparent about their sustainability performance, much as the German corporate Governance code does in its own area.

In the UK we piloted new ways to measure the social and environmental impact of our loans and worked with partners to increase demand for sustainable food through a scheme to reduce the cost of borrowing for accredited, sustainable catering businesses.

While in The Netherlands, the bank’s largest branch is regularly sourced by the press as a reference point for a number of issues including, in 2011, sustainable real estate and care for people with disabilities.

In Spain, Triodos Bank aims to be a front-runner in the sectors where it lends, and to maintain its visibility in the media, online and at public events.