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A year in highlights

The total number of co-workers increased by 9% from 720 to 788 in 2012. (impact statistic)


In total Triodos Bank recruited 144 co-workers (2011: 161) in the branches and business units. This is a gross figure taking into account the replacement of leavers and recruitment for short term assignments.

A selection of the year’s highlights follows:

  • The UK branch moved to a new sustainable office in the centre of Bristol, to be embedded in the local community, and strengthening its commercial presence. The office won an award for the best office to work in, during the year
  • Increased legislation meant new positions were created to handle these requirements at the Head Office. A new COO was recruited. She begins her role early in 2013
  • Triodos Bank hosted the Institute for Social Banking’s Summer School on the theme of ‘The Impact of Sustainable Banking’. 60 participants from around the world, and from both sustainable and mainstream banks, universities and other organisations participated
  • The German branch, in its third full year of operation, deepened its (new) co-workers connection with Triodos Bank via international events, training programmes and an international induction programme
  • The Dutch branch focused on the role of leadership and management in the culture of the organisation
  • Triodos Investment Management’s leadership was strengthened: Michael Jongeneel, previously Triodos Bank’s COO, became Managing Director of Triodos Investment Management. Two new directors were appointed with responsibility for Emerging Markets and Climate and Energy
  • In Spain contrary to developments in the country Triodos Bank continued to grow and was able to recruit new co-workers and focussed strongly on the development of all co-workers. In the central services in Madrid a new organic menu was offered. An Employee Self Service Portal was also implemented as part of the Human Resources system
  • In November two co-workers began operating in a representative office in France
  • The job family methodology was implemented in Belgium and Germany. Spain and UK will follow in 2013.