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A year in highlights

Highlights from the 2013 results:

The total number of co-workers increased by 15.6% from 788 to 911 in 2013. (impact statistic)
  • Co-worker turnover has been relatively high during the first year of service. In 2013 efforts were made to reduce the number of leavers in the first year, mainly by improving recruitment and selection, induction and support. This proved successful with these ‘early’ leavers declining from 11.8% in 2012 to 7.4% in 2013 compared to a total turnover of 7.2% (2012: 9.6%). However, there is more work to do and a further reduction in 2014 is targeted. The goal is ultimately to reduce the average rate of turnover during the first year to below the average rate of co-worker turnover overall.
  • The total number of co-workers at Triodos Bank increased by 15.6% in 2013, from 788 to 911.
  • The number of women in management positions is now stable at 40% (2012: 42%).
  • Co-worker absence in 2013 was 2.6% (2012: 3.0%).
  • 82 co-workers participated in the different international programmes of the Triodos Academy. Branches also developed their own training programmes.
  • The annual Co-worker Conference took place in Berlin. 120 co-workers from the different branches and business units attended the conference.

The year at a glance

Triodos Bank is a rapidly developing organisation. Across its branches and business units, Triodos Bank attracted 189 new co-workers in 2013 (2012: 144). This is a gross figure taking into account the replacement of leavers and recruitment for short-term assignments.