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Triodos Bank will continue to strengthen the organisation and its HR policy in 2014 and beyond. The following priorities have been set in this context:

Triodos Bank is a growing organisation. It is increasingly challenging to recruit co-workers that are both professional bankers and aligned with Triodos Bank’s values. Efforts will therefore continue to be made to develop Triodos Bank as an attractive organisation to work for in 2014. This is helped by Triodos Bank’s growing profile which means potential co-workers increasingly are able to find the organisation themselves.

With the strengthening of a number of positions at head office, particularly in the field of risk management, there will be a greater focus on management processes and effective decision-making.

Co-worker turnover in the first year of employment is expected to be further reduced. The goal is ultimately to reduce turnover during the first year to below the average figure for total co-worker turnover.

Triodos Bank continues to focus on achieving a better gender balance in the organisation, particularly in commercial management positions. This is a long-term goal.

The organisation aims to increase the international character of its head office. At the moment, a large proportion of the co-worker group is Dutch. In the long term a more internationally diverse group of co-workers is essential. In this context, Triodos Bank aims, among other things, to further increase international exchange between like-minded banks, via the Global Alliance for Banking on Values.

Triodos Bank wants to continue to be a more attractive employer. The new generation of co-workers often have different wishes, such as more flexibility, a quicker career path and want to work in a networked organisation instead of a hierarchical environment. Triodos Bank wants to explore this in more depth to better respond to it.

In 2014 Triodos Bank will focus more closely on developing and training co-workers to encourage a deeper understanding of sustainable banking and the organisation’s mission and values. Apart from professional development, this relies heavily on the personal development of co-workers. Development and training are important in the context of the (long-term) succession of the current generation of leaders in the organisation and will be an increasingly important priority.