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Policy and compliance

Principles underpinning the environmental policy

Triodos Bank’s largest positive impact comes from financing sustainable and innovative projects and entrepreneurs. But the organisation also has a responsibility for its own environmental impact as an institution.

The basic principle of the organisation’s environmental policy is the trias energetica. This means that Triodos Bank keeps its energy consumption to a minimum, that it uses renewable energy or renewable resources where possible, and that it compensates the environmental impact of generated energy. In this way it minimises and compensates for its environmental impact. Triodos Bank is a climate-neutral, or carbon neutral, organisation.

In addition, apart from focusing on the organisation’s environmental impact, social considerations are at the heart of the choices Triodos Bank makes about who supplies the products it uses.

Triodos Bank only does business with suppliers and companies that satisfy high social standards. They are not only required to respect human and employee rights, but should also actively engage in realising positive social change in society. Examples include businesses that support social projects or offer employment opportunities for disadvantaged people.

Triodos Bank also wants to work with suppliers who proactively minimise the environmental impact of their activities, are embedded in the local community as far as possible and who make a positive contribution to society.

Business in the immediate vicinity of Triodos Bank offices are preferred, to reduce the environmental impact of the transport and delivery of goods and services.

When purchasing goods and services, the organisation always aims to pay a fair price, providing its suppliers with enough room to operate in an environmental and socially responsible way. For example, costs must not be at the expense of the interests of the employees of our business partners.

In addition, quality concerns are a priority in Triodos Bank’s procurement policy. It wants to buy goods and services that meet high quality standards and create healthy, pleasant buildings and work space for its co-workers.

To help make this happen Triodos Bank provides a manual to guide the procurement of goods and services or outsourcing work.

The focus of the following chapter is on how Triodos Bank implements its environmental policy, and its environmental achievements in 2013.

Policy and compliance

Environmental awareness and considerations form an integral part of all Triodos Bank’s activities. It supports and encourages sustainable development wherever possible. The Management Board bears final responsibility for the environmental policy while its implementation is part of the responsibility of every individual co-worker.

The key elements of Triodos Bank’s environmental policy:

  1. in respect of the bank’s finance policy, to focus on activities that aim to deliver sustainable development.
  2. to reduce and/or eliminate the environmental impact of its own activities by adopting environmental considerations as an integral part of its operations
  3. to comply with all relevant statutory provisions and with all associated rules and agreements
  4. to fully inform and train co-workers, when necessary, to ensure that Triodos Bank’s environmental policy can be implemented effectively
  5. to have an open dialogue with all Triodos Bank’s stakeholders, and to report the environmental policy results in the Annual Report, together with targets for future years
  6. to strive for continuous improvement and development of the Environmental Management System
  7. to regularly assess the implementation of the environmental policy.

There are no environmental incidents or breaches of environmental legislation and regulations to report for 2013.