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Triodos Bank will continue to focus on further reducing the organisation’s environmental impact and on realising positive social development in 2014. Noteworthy measures and priorities expected during the year include:

  • a further reduction in the environmental impact of commuting and business travel. To this end, Triodos Bank is launching a project to consider both issues together and identify measures and recommendations to reduce the organisation’s environmental impact in both. Triodos Bank performs well in the area of transport compared to similar organisations; however, it is important that it regularly evaluates its policy and continues to look for further improvements.
  • actively encouraging video conferencing usage.
  • preparations have been underway for a number of years to build a new office for the Dutch branch. Important steps in this process are expected in 2014, with the goal of constructing a building that meets the highest possible sustainability standards.
  • performing a baseline measurement in 2014 for all the buildings Triodos Bank uses. Based on this, Triodos Bank will prepare a list of ways to improve its energy and environmental performance.
  • a benchmarking exercise using the 2014 figures is scheduled for 2015. In it Triodos Bank’s environmental achievements will be compared to similar organisations, and examined in the context of a similar benchmarking process in 2012.