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Stakeholder dialogue

Find out who Triodos Bank's stakeholders are, what Triodos Bank has done in this area in 2013, and why it's so important, here.

As described in this report Triodos Bank is one of the world's leading sustainable banks. Its mission is to make money work for positive social, environmental and cultural change. To do this, to develop as an institution and to better understand and react to the world around us, it wants to stay in close contact with its stakeholders.

Triodos Bank has a wide variety of stakeholders (people, groups and organisations) with whom it regularly communicates and interacts. It identifies three specific groups of stakeholders:

1. Those that engage in economic transactions with the business

Customers, Depository receipt holders, Co-workers and Suppliers

2. Those that do not engage in direct economic exchange with the business, but have a close interest in it

NGOs, Governments and Media

3. Those that provide new insights, possibilities and knowledge

Advisors and Inspirers

The Groups of Stakeholders

All Triodos Bank’s stakeholder groups play a different role in its work. To take a closer look, we describe the groups more in detail here. Triodos Bank organises feedback sessions, surveys and events to engage with our stakeholders. The dialogue with these stakeholders is an important source of inspiration for new ideas and helps the organisation to develop its business.

The first group of stakeholders consists of people and organisations with an economic interest in the bank. The second group has a clear interest in Triodos Bank’s development and predominantly the social, cultural and environmental context in which it operates. And the third group consists of people and groups that provide new insights, possibilities and knowledge. They encourage the organisation to push its boundaries to make a greater impact in furthering its mission.

In 2013 Triodos Bank invited a diverse group of people from all stakeholder groups to its International Management Council (IMC) to discuss the role of stakeholders and the strategy of Triodos Bank, and to inform its thinking for the future.