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If Triodos Bank is to continue to be one of the world’s leading sustainable banks, it needs to employ well qualified people who are aligned with its vision and mission. To keep challenging and engaging its co-workers, Triodos Bank offers weekly meetings with all the co-workers in a particular branch or business unit. Mostly on a Monday morning, and providing access to all co-workers, these meetings create the space to present developments in the organisation and freely exchange views about them.

In addition lunch meetings, featuring internal and external speakers, an annual international meeting for a broad-based group of co-workers – this year hosted by the German branch in Berlin – and events that focus on sector topics are all delivered by different parts of the organisation at various times during the year. In the UK, bi-monthly customer visits allow a wider group of co-workers to meet the borrowers they finance.

Triodos Bank’s Human Resources departments also conduct a yearly satisfaction survey, which is shared and discussed. The results of a survey of the Dutch branch and Head Office in 2013 suggest the co-worker group is motivated and committed. The overall score from the survey was 7.9 comparing with 7.4 for the financial market as a whole. The results also suggested the organisation needs to work on finding a better balance between structure and entrepreneurship. The organisation also engages in (inter)national external satisfaction surveys, such as the UK’s Sunday Times ‘UK Top 100 companies’ to work for. Triodos Bank ranked second for both ‘giving something back’ and ‘being run on strong values’ in 2013.