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Environment – Header image (photo)

From organic farms in Spain to community renewable energy schemes in the Scottish Isles; from nature conservation in The Netherlands to energy efficiency projects in office buildings – we’re helping our clients make a positive difference to the environment in which we live.

49.1% of loans and investments in environmental projects (pie chart)

Percentage of loans and investments in environmental projects

Renewable energy and energy efficiency

How Triodos Bank finance is helping to transform Europe’s energy system to one that safeguards our environment and that’s fairer to the people that depend on it.

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Organic farming and organic food

The connection between our health and how our food is produced matters. We work with the leading lights in organic agriculture across Europe financing the businesses behind a sustainable food system that protects wildlife, has high animal welfare standards and protects the environment.

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Sustainable property

Triodos Bank finances new building developments and refurbishment projects for properties to reach the highest sustainability standards.

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