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Global context – Header image (photo)

Comparing the impact of banks internationally

  • We want to compare the sustainability of banks internationally
  • improve and ensure the highest sustainability standards are met
  • and have co-created a scorecard with GABV members to do that

A framework for change

We want to put our impact in a global context and, ultimately, compare the sustainability of different banks. A key way to do this is through an impact scorecard, which we have developed with leading values-based banks from around the world who make up the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV).

The scorecard provides a relatively simple framework for stakeholders to understand how far a bank, of any kind, is delivering on its sustainability promises. It will allow stakeholders to differentiate between the sustainability performance of values-based banks and, we trust, conventional banks in the future.

This is particularly important because GABV banks are distinct from other banks in that they exist to try and benefit people and the environment. Their work in sustainability isn’t on the periphery of what they do. It’s at its heart.

The scorecard is designed to measure:

  • Basic requirements of a sustainable bank such as its mission and approach to transparency.
  • Objective factors, such as the proportion of a bank’s assets that are committed to the real economy.
  • And qualitative elements that provide a picture of how a bank translates these intentions into how it goes about its actual work.

Our impact in a global context

Sustainable property – Impact measures (graphic)