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Vision – Header image (photo)

Context is everything

  • Authentic stories are crucial to understanding true impact
  • A focus on impact dictates which sectors we finance and how we finance them
  • We’re clear about the methodologies we use and dilemmas we face to assess our impact

Context is key

To understand our vision and the extent to which we’re delivering on it, means telling stories that illustrate the whole picture. These stories provide the essential context and background for our activities. The examples in the report are representative of areas which we have focused on because of their significant potential for the future. They are not ‘cherry-picked’ to highlight work that’s untypical of our wider efforts.

Triodos Bank’s impact on sectors

In Triodos Bank’s case, our starting point is fundamentally important to the sectors we finance and the impact we try to make.

We invest time in deepening our understanding of the markets we work in to make sure we develop meaningful relationships with, and provide the most relevant services to, the entrepreneurs driving the development of these sectors.

For example, we don’t finance progressive schools because we think there’s a good opportunity to make some money in the schools market; we finance them because we think children should have the opportunity to fulfill their potential, and we think progressive education is one way to do that. We then find a financially sustainable way to do just that. Our impact reflects the extent to which we have served the needs of the sector first and is dependent on being able to do it in a professional, financially sound way.


We aim to be as rigorous as possible in developing methodologies behind the data you will see and to be completely open about the assumptions we have made.

This report represents the start of a process to better assess and communicate the impact of Triodos Bank’s work. We expect it to develop substantially in the future and we welcome feedback.

Understanding your piece of pie

Please note that the pie chart on the homepage of this report highlights the proportion of lending Triodos Bank makes to particular sectors as a percentage of our overall loan book. These percentages do not include Triodos’ investment management activity.

However we have included examples of the impact of our investment business, Triodos Investment Management, in the impact measures that appear later in the report. We think this is relevant to build a complete picture of the Triodos Group’s impact.

Our vision on impact

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