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Vision – Header image (photo)

The bigger picture

  • We focus on qualitative evidence of our impact before numbers
  • We maximise our impact by only financing sustainable enterprise
  • We are fully transparent about the impact of the money entrusted to us

Our vision on measuring impact reflects a focus on delivering our mission. That means we try and find qualitative evidence of our impact first and foremost and back it up with numbers only when it’s relevant. Crucially, we want to provide verifiable, relevant information that reflects Triodos Bank’s grounding in financing the real economy.

Why does impact matter?

People who bank with us are interested in more than just the financial products and services they receive; they are motivated by the social and environmental outcomes that they, and their money, have in the world.

By examining the impact that Triodos Bank has, we’re better able to demonstrate how people’s money is being used positively. We also hope to inspire entrepreneurs by giving examples of how their impact could be extended.

Our effect on society

Authenticity is at the heart of Triodos Bank’s approach to assessing impact

Triodos Bank’s mission is to make money work for positive social, environmental and cultural change. Which means the impact we’re interested in is the effect of our activity on society and the environment. To ensure our influence is positive we only invest in sustainable enterprises and we only use the ‘real’ money entrusted to us by savers and investors.

Bigger is not necessarily better

Triodos Bank takes an unconventional approach to assessing impact. Numbers do matter of course, but they are not our starting point.

It sounds counterintuitive because we often hear that conventional growth, graphs that go up, and rising numbers are good news to be celebrated. But this is not always true. For instance, if your bank is in the business of sustainable change, financing a single, innovative new business which will drive an entirely new sustainable industry could mean more impact than financing ten established businesses in a mature industry.

Bringing sustainable ideas to life

Our lending process reflects our focus on delivering positive impact and integrates environmental sustainability, human dignity and economic resilience so that the enterprises we lend to can help improve people’s quality of life.

By financing and working closely with progressive entrepreneurs in our core sectors we help turn good ideas into reality, delivering the sort of impact that we, and our customers, want to see. And we show how Triodos Bank lends and invests the money entrusted to us by our customers, through our websites.

Our vision on impact

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