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Co-worker report summary

Triodos Bank’s aims to allow co-workers to fulfil their professional potential, applying and developing their expertise and professional insight to the full.

The year at a glance

Triodos Bank is a developing organisation. It attracted 189 new co-workers in 2013 (2012: 144). The total number of co-workers at Triodos Bank increased by 15.6% in 2013, from 788 to 911 due to growth but increasingly also in order to deal with a rapid increase in regulatory requirements.

In 2013 Triodos Bank employed 481 women (52.8%) and 430 men (47.2%). The share of women in management positions is now at a balanced 40% (2012: 42%). The average age remains stable at 39.6 years (2012: 39.5), as does the average period of service, which was 4.7 years at the end of 2013 (2012: 4.6 years). Absenteeism through sickness was 2.6% in 2013 (2012: 3.0%) below a target of 3%.

Triodos Bank invests in training, developing and supporting its co-workers. The organisation bases its training and development programmes on the questions and training needs of its co-workers. It uses well-regarded education and training institutes to develop knowledge and skills. The Triodos Academy also offers development programmes based on Triodos Bank’s values. 82 co-workers participated in the Academy’s different programmes in 2013.

The 2013 annual Co-Worker Conference took place in Berlin with a theme of “Societal renewal through Arts and Culture”, and was attended by 120 co-workers.

Triodos Bank believes good and appropriate remuneration for all its co-workers is very important. It carefully monitors differences in remuneration between Triodos Bank and the rest of the financial and banking sector. Triodos Bank believes that a moderate remuneration policy without bonuses creates a healthy, simple system where there is limited need for control. With this in mind it has established an international remuneration policy.


Triodos Bank will continue to strengthen the organisation and its HR policy in 2014 and beyond. The following priorities have been set in this context:

  • In 2014 to develop the qualitative aspects of the organisation. With the strengthening of a number of positions at head office, particularly in the field of risk management, there will be a greater focus on management processes and effective decision-making.
  • To further reduce turnover in a co-worker’s first year of employment.
  • To continue to focus on achieving a better gender balance in the organisation, particularly in commercial management positions.
  • To become a more attractive employer for young people, listening and responding to the perspectives of a new generation of co-workers.
  • To focus more closely on developing and training co-workers with a view to embedding the values and best practices of sustainable banking in general and Triodos Bank in particular.