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An overview of our history

  Triodos Bank opens a branch in Germany.
  Triodos Microfinance Fund is launched. This fund offers institutional investors, wealthier individuals and private banking clients across Europe the opportunity to invest in microfinance.
  Triodos Bank launches the Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund. This fund provides trade finance to certified organic and fair trade producers in developing countries and emerging markets.
  Triodos Bank launches the Triodos Values Pioneer Fund. This fund is part of a second Luxembourg fund and incorporates Triodos Values Equity Fund and Triodos Values Bond Fund.
  Triodos Bank opens its international headquarters in the Netherlands.
  Triodos Bank launches its first Luxembourg based investment fund, Triodos Renewables Europe Fund, to invest in European renewable energy projects. In the Netherlands, Triodos Culture Fund starts operating.
  Triodos Bank opens a branch in Spain. Triodos Bank launches the Sustainable Real Estate Fund, the first real estate fund to invest exclusively in sustainable buildings.
  The Triodos Fair Share Fund is established in the Netherlands offering private individuals and institutions the chance to invest in microfinance institutions in developing countries.
  In the Netherlands, the Triodos Added Value Fund allows investors to choose between Equity, Bond and Mixed Funds.
  Triodos Bank merges its three green funds to form the Triodos Green Fund. This listed fund drives the success of the Groenregeling, a Dutch tax scheme for green projects.
  The Triodos Added Value Fund is launched, with Delta Lloyd Asset Management, and listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange.
  Triodos Bank opens a branch in the United Kingdom.

Triodos Bank launches two foundations:

  • Stichting Triodos-Doen opens for business in cooperation with Stichting DOEN, and
  • Stichting Hivos-Triodos Fonds begins in cooperation with Hivos.

Both funds invest in developing countries and are among the first in the world to invest in microfinance.

  Triodos Bank opens a branch in Belgium.
  Triodos Bank launches the first green fund in Europe, Biogrond Beleggingsfonds. The Wind Fund and Green Investment Fund follow later.
  Triodos Bank NV is established with EUR 540,000 in start-up share capital and a full banking licence from the Dutch Central Bank. It starts operating in the Netherlands.
  Triodos Foundation is established to use gifts and loans to support innovative projects and companies.
  A study group, consisting of Adriaan Deking Dura (an economist), Dieter Brüll (a professor in tax law), Lex Bos (a management consultant) and Rudolf Mees (a banker) form a study group to see how money can be managed sustainably.