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Energy and climate

In energy and climate, Triodos Investment Management was responsible for a reduction of over 1,200,000 tonnes of CO2 and generating 1,294 MW of sustainable energy. (impact statistic)

Triodos Investment Management has over 25 years’ experience of investing in renewable energy, making it a preferred partner for many investors and renewable energy entrepreneurs.

In 2013, it managed EUR 1,035 million in assets under management through its investment funds (2012: EUR 955 million). 1

The total renewable energy equity and loan portfolio in Europe consisted of over 101 projects, with a total sustainable power generation capacity of approximately 1,294 MW. Together this contributed to the avoidance of over 1.2 million tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2013, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 851,000 European households.

These projects are comprised of 59 wind power projects, 21 solar photovoltaic projects, 11 biomass projects, 4 heat/cold storage projects and 1 small hydro project and 5 projects in a construction phase in the ‘other’ category which are focused, among other things, on heat distribution.

The activities of Triodos Groenfonds, Triodos SICAV II – Triodos Renewables Europe Fund, and Ampere Equity Fund were managed from the Triodos Investment Management offices in The Netherlands. Triodos Renewables plc was managed in Bristol (United Kingdom).

1 This figure includes the investments made by Triodos Groenfonds in the organic agriculture sector. As this fund is managed from this business-line this figure is included in this report.

Case Study

In March 2013, Triodos Renewables plc, together with Triodos Renewables Europe Fund, bought a 49.8% stake in Ransonmoor windfarm in Cambridgeshire. Ransonmoor is a five turbine, 10 MW onshore wind farm which has been operating since 2007. The project generates enough green electricity to meet the energy needs of the equivalent of 5,720 homes.

Developments in 2013

Due to the absorption of the investment portfolio of BNP Paribas Groen Fonds by Triodos Groenfonds and a strong year-end marketing campaign, this fund grew by 31%.

Triodos Renewables Europe Fund executed three transactions which enabled fund management to further diversify the portfolio and diminish its exposure to changing government policy, as has been the case in Spain. The volume of assets under management of the fund at the end of 2013 was EUR 59 million.

Triodos Renewables plc delivered more deals in 2013 than in any other year in the company’s history, with its portfolio of renewable energy projects generating more power than ever. Three sites – Eye, Ransonmoor and Avonmouth – were added to the operational portfolio which now numbers 11 sites during the year, increasing its generating capacity by 40%. The total volume of assets under management of the UK based portfolio was EUR 102 million at the end of 2013.

In 2013 Triodos Investment Management reached an agreement with the shareholders of Ampere Equity Fund (EUR 221 million) about the transfer of the management of the fund to another, non-Triodos fund manager, as per 1 January 2014. The transfer is therefore not visible in the 2013 numbers.


Renewable Energy remains the best solution to mitigate the emission of greenhouse gases. Because wind and solar power remain the best technologies available to achieve the transition to a renewable energy economy, Triodos Investment Management is convinced that it will continue to be able to grow the assets under management in its funds.