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Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholders are of crucial importance to Triodos Bank. They help the organisation to develop by providing an external perspective on what and how Triodos Bank does its work.

To further strengthen the existing engagement with stakeholder this year a formal process took place to analyse the issues that are most important both to Triodos Bank’s stakeholders, and the bank itself. The outcomes can be found in a ‘materiality analysis’ in the Executive Board chapter.

In addition, Triodos Bank has always benefited from open discussions with all its stakeholders in a variety of ways – from client days connecting hundreds of customers in all the countries where we work, to depository receipt holder meetings and surveys.

Triodos Bank identifies three specific groups of stakeholders:

1. Those that engage in economic transactions with the business

Customers, Depository receipt holders, Co-workers and Suppliers

2. Those that do not engage in direct economic exchange with the business, but have a close interest in it

NGOs, Governments and Media

3. Those that provide new insights, opportunities and knowledge

Advisors and Inspirers

The Stakeholder Groups

The first group of stakeholders consists of people and organisations that are very close to Triodos Bank, with a direct economic interest in it. The second group has a clear interest in Triodos Bank’s development and predominantly the social, cultural and environmental context in which it operates. And the third group encourages the organisation to push its boundaries to make a greater impact in furthering its mission.

Representatives of all these groups participated in a questionnaire and a dialogue session at the end of the year providing input on important topics connected to Triodos Bank. But this was only one of a number of activities and interactions with stakeholders during the year.