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Triodos Bank’s steady growth has created a medium-sized bank requiring an evolving approach to fulfil the potential of the people who work in it. Triodos Bank wants to continue to be one of the world’s leading sustainable banks and therefore needs highly qualified people who are aligned with its vision and mission.

To support the development of motivated, able co-workers Triodos Bank offers international programmes in the Triodos Academy; 118 co-workers participated in this in 2014. The 2014 annual Co-Worker Conference took place in Brussels with a theme of “Living Unity & Diversity”, and was attended by 120 co-workers.

Weekly meetings are organised in all Triodos Bank’s branches to help align co-workers with the business, its goals and challenges. Regular meetings are also organised with customers or thought leaders on topics such as ‘agriculture and food’, new ways of banking, energy and innovative sustainable projects.

To further support its internal communication, Triodos Bank Spain produces a monthly internal e-zine, while an annual survey is employed to assess co-worker satisfaction. These initiatives help to understand the impact of significant internal projects, in particular.