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Management report

The report in short

The Executive Board chapter provides an overview of Triodos Bank’s perspective on the wider world it operates in, its impact and activity in 2014 and its prospects for the future.

To help make this chapter easier to navigate we have broken it down into its constituent parts. In essence the chapter is divided between:

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  • Banking for Impact

    A growing movement of people are demonstrating that not only do we ...

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  • Materiality analysis

    Engaging with our stakeholders has been very important to Triodos Bank for ...

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  • Mission-driven strategy

    Triodos Bank’s strategy is aligned with our mission and responds to what’s needed ...

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  • Results

    The following are the main results achieved in 2014 together with details of ...

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  • Co-worker report

    Triodos Bank aims to be an extraordinary place to work, enabling co-workers to ...

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  • Environmental report

    Triodos Bank’s most significant impact comes from financing sustainable projects ...

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  • Divisions and results

    Triodos Bank’s activity is split between three core divisions ...

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  • Risk and compliance

    Managing risk is a fundamental part of banking.

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  • The Dutch Banking Code

    The 2015 Banking Code came into force as of 1 January, 2015.

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