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Our impact

Triodos Bank wants to report on the wider social, cultural and environmental impact of its finance. In 2014 we built on the development of a new online impact assessment chapter in 2013 by including the impact data in the scope of the external assurance on the full Executive Board chapter. Doing so is a logical extension of the auditing of our financial figures, as an integrated business that has sustainability at the core of its financial activity.

For more details about the background and methodology used to produce these figures view the impact chapter.

Triodos Bank aims to be a leader in impact-driven reporting in the financial industry. As part of that effort we report on our impact below. Numbers alone can only tell a limited story, however they do provide quantitative details of the impact of Triodos Bank’s mission in practice.

This data serves as an indication of Triodos Bank’s non-financial impact. The data, which is reported by all our branches, is based on a number of assumptions. In general, the full impact of a project is counted when Triodos Bank has financed it, either wholly or in part. In general, we take a conservative approach to the data and exclude projects when we are uncertain about the impact figures relating to them. We will further harmonize our reporting in 2015 as a matter of continuous improvement.

Please view the impact chapter providing more detail on the impact of Triodos Bank and its finance.

Triodos Bank finances enterprises that augment the use of renewable resources in particular, and supports projects that reduce the demand for energy and encourage cleaner use of fossil fuels. By the end of 2014, Triodos Bank and its climate and energy investment funds were financing 379 projects across Europe (2013: 376). Triodos Bank finance contributed to a generating capacity of 2,100 MW of energy (2013: 2,300 MW), or enough energy to meet the electricity needs of the equivalent of 1 million European households during the year (2013: 1.3 million).

6.2 million

During 2014 Triodos
Bank finance helped
make it possible for
6.2 million visitors to
enjoy cultural events.

During 2014 Triodos Bank finance helped make it possible for 6.2 million visitors to enjoy cultural events including cinema, theatres and museums across Europe, as a result of its lending and investments activity (2013: 16.3 million). The figure in 2013 was largely due to lending to successful film-makers during the year.

As a result of its lending across Europe, as in 2013, approximately 20,000 individuals used facilities offered at 249 elderly care homes (2013: 217) financed by Triodos Bank.

Triodos Investment Management’s specialised microfinance funds provided finance to 102 microfinance (2013: 97) in 44 countries (2013: 44), serving approximately 8.2 million savers (2013: 7.9 million) and 11 million borrowing clients (2013: 8.4 million).

The organically managed land on the farms which Triodos Bank finances could produce the equivalent of 23.6 million meals, or enough food to provide a sustainable diet for approximately 21,600 people during the year (2013: 21,400).

Approximately 821,500 individuals benefited from the work of educational establishments financed by Triodos Bank (2013: 587,300). The marked increase was largely due to a significant new loan in Spain.