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A Reference Point for Sustainable Banking

As well as deliver the benefits of sustainable banking directly through its finance, Triodos Bank promotes the idea that money can be used consciously through the banking system as a positive force for good, directly contributing to its strategic goal to act as a reference point for banking.

The I Triodos Enterprise Award was launched in Spain in 2014, in which over 23,000 customers voted for one of six finalists. In addition, customer visits to borrowing customers were arranged at events in the offices throughout the year. Triodos Bank Spain continued to extend its impact in society, promoting the conscious use of money through extensive media coverage (over 1,500 items), over 200 conferences attracting 15,000 participants and by launching a Twitter account reaching 8,900 followers by the end of the year. Triodos Bank in Spain was engaged with more on Facebook than any other bank in Spain.

In Frankfurt, Germany, Triodos Bank, GLS Bank, Evangelische Bank and Oikocredit, jointly started Fair Finance Week, five days of public discussions on sustainable finance and the need to transform the banking sector. The intention is to repeat this concept annually.

Triodos Bank’s CEO presented last year’s annual figures at a Dutch organic farm generating widespread media attention on ‘organic’ or ‘slow’ banking, highlighting the importance of organic growth over growth for its own sake.

All Triodos Bank’s branches participated in the first global day of values-based banking, part of a Global Alliance for Banking on Values’ initiative that engaged millions of people around the world.

Triodos Bank lobbied for positive developments in the banking sector throughout the year.

The Dutch branch contributed to a parliamentary financial committee hearing about sustainable banking, creating comment from several members of Parliament and other influencers. The event will be followed by a consultation with the Finance Minister in 2015. A campaign to highlight ‘five things’ the public aren’t told about economics also provoked widespread debate in the Dutch on and offline media.

The co-creation of an online magazine, the Colour of Money in all countries helped to deepen the engagement with customers and strengthen customer loyalty.